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Igen strives to provide our players with a wide variety of roleplay beyond dragonriders, but we are a Weyr. If you’re looking for some good, old-fashioned Candidacy RP, then Search may be for you. Or maybe you want to RP with Candidates and write dragon inspirations — then SearchCo may be for you. Read on!

New to Search?

If you’re new to Pern, Search is the process by which candidates are discovered, recruited, trained and prepared for the opportunity to bond with a dragon. At Harper’s Tale, this is a weeks long process that consists of lots of RP and character development whether or not your character Impresses a dragon at the end of the Search Cycle.

How can I participate in Search?

Keep your ears open for announcements by the Search Committee — SearchCo or SCo — about the opening of the Search Cycle. There are 3 Search Cycles on Harper’s Tale each year alternating between the two Weyrs, Igen Weyr and Southern Weyr. These kick off every few months and the 2015 Search Cycles will open no sooner than the following dates:

  • Spring Search: February 1st (at Southern)
  • Summer Search: May 1st (at Igen)
  • Fall Search: August 1st (at Southern)

The schedule will be set by and communicated by the SearchCo Leads. The official opening of Search may be after these dates, but not before — keep your ears open on [Link to list of mailers *ann].

There are several ways to actively participate in a Search Cycle. As:

  • a Traditional or Standard Candidate: longest window of Search RP, opportunity to earn an [link to HT’s inspired dragons Inspired dragon] to take into Weyrlinghood
  • an Insta-Candidate: shorter window of Search RP, opportunity to Impress a dragon to take into Weyrlinghood
  • a Stand Only Candidate: longest window of Search RP, voluntarily opting out of Impressing a dragon
  • a SearchCo Member: Search RP, writing dragon Inspirations, Search RP.

It’s a whirlwind!

Igen Search is pretty fast. Our Search cycles typically run 6 weeks from the start of the application process to Hatching day (give or take a few days). The IC Search portion runs about one month. If you Impress, Igen's Weyrlinghood cycle lasts 9 weeks. Altogether, then, a character can go from a regular joe to a full-fledged dragonrider in the course of about three and a half months. Not bad, huh?

A Rough Overview

The Search Lead(s) are picked by Igen Staff. The Leads update the application forms and [link to Search InfoPak] to suit current needs, then they're posted. A call for SearchCo members goes out. The clutchdam rises and applications are officially opened for submission. Eggs are laid, Candidates are Searched. RP happens by the bucket. Interviews happen (in specific cases). Dragons thrum, eggs rock, dragonets arrive, Impression occurs. Voila! New Weyrlingmaster fodder. More RP!

Igen does not expect Candidates to be superhuman roleplay machines. If you are OOCly pleasant (especially to your fellow Candidates), capable of coherent poses, your dragon requests aren't anything too extreme and you are [link to Activity policy Active]… well, congrats, you're pretty darn likely to Impress.

There is a maximum of 15 PC Impressions for any Search Cycle, including both Traditional Candidates and Insta-Candidates. Take a look at our [link to recent clutches].


We strive for transparency in our Search process. The projected schedule below is a solid outline for how events will flow. SearchCo Leads will announce any significant or specific changes to this.

You will always know all members of SearchCo.

If trouble arises and you are involved, SearchCo will inform you. Rest assured that every effort will be made to resolve any issues amicably.

That said…


Candidate communications to SearchCo stay with SearchCo, barring dire necessity. We take this very seriously. This confidentiality remains in place even once the eggs have hatched: SearchCo members are expected to keep their lips sealed about the nitty-gritty of SearchCo decisions, even when the cycle is in the distant past.

What is SearchCo?

SearchCo is one of the most rewarding experiences on Harper’s Tale. They are a group of dedicated volunteers who work behind-the-scenes to facilitate the Search experience for other players interested in the awesome, RP-centric process that is Candidacy and (for some!) arriving at the end of it with a shiny, brand-spanking-new piece of code we call a dragon, with a personally-tailored inspiration lovingly written by SearchCo members to go with it!

In brief, SearchCo is responsible for:

  • Choosing an Egg-Theme and collecting egg descriptions for a PC clutch
  • Vetting applications from potential Candidates
  • Searching those potential Candidates (Scenes!)
  • Sending out and processing Candidate Questionnaires (CandiQs)
  • Choosing which of those candidates should Impress
  • Writing, writing, writing those dragon Inspirations!
  • Scheduling, organizing, and running an IC Hatching that results in PC Impression(s)
  • Ensuring Candidacy runs smoothly by answering questions from Candidates and resolving any conflicts
  • SearchCo’s most important responsibility is making Candidates feel warm and welcomed at Igen Weyr both OOCly and ICly through RP!

Ta-da! That's SearchCo in a nutshell for you. Now, how about…

What are SearchCo Goals?

If you’re an old hat at Pern RP, you may have run into Search processes that were exclusive or unwelcoming. Forget all that. The goals of Search — and therefore SearchCo’s mandate — here at Harper’s Tale and Igen Weyr are:

  • Inclusion of Candidates into the Weyr, IC and OOC
  • Providing a platform for IC Candidate development that may or may not include Impressing a dragon
  • RP, RP, RP!

SearchCo members should think of themselves as ambassadors acting on behalf of the Weyr at-large! Search cycles tend to draw the newest players and/or characters, and SearchCo members are often some of the first people they interact with. SearchCo members should be focused on integration through RP and have awesome and positive OOC attitudes that work to get other players (new and old) going through the Search process excited to be at and part of Igen Weyr! While the dragon at the end is nifty and cool, we want to put more focus on the people and experiences involved!

Inspired dragons are a big draw of Candidacy, no doubt. Character development aside, the big difference between being an insta-Candidate and a traditional Candidate is the process of earning that Inspired dragon.

It is SearchCo’s mission to provide ample opportunity for Candidates to RP and bond with each other and the area and to write as many dragons as they can.

Who is eligible to be on SearchCo?

Maybe you! SearchCo can be very challenging, especially working on the tight timelines that we run, but it’s very rewarding as well. If you're interested in serving on SearchCo, we ask that you be an Active Igen Weyr resident for at least three months prior to the call for SearchCo applications. Knowing the area is important.

Prior experience on SearchCo is not required. We encourage anyone who has the activity, time and interest to apply. SearchCo can be time-intensive, but seeing all the RP that it facilitates is worth it. Keep in mind, SearchCo Leads can remove members of SearchCo who idle on their SearchCo duties.

Speaking of SearchCo Leads…

What do SearchCo Leads do?

SearchCo Leads function as the chief whip crackers and taskmasters for SearchCo. They are the ones who frame discussions on theme and plots, set and finalize the schedule, structure internal organization (who is on what Inspiration team, for example) and more. While they take on more responsibility as coordinators for the Search cycle, in practice, when it comes to decision-making time, they are not any different from other members of SearchCo. They still get one vote, one say as regards all selection processes, and their opinion is not weighted more than anyone else's.

How are SearchCo Leads selected?

Igen Staff is responsible for selecting one or two SearchCo Leads and supporting them thereafter as needed. Experience on SearchCo or as a Lead is a bonus, but is not required. Staff will make their selection no earlier than the 15th of the month prior to the opening of the Search Cycle. If you are interested in serving as a Search Lead contact *igenstaff in the weeks before selection occurs.

How do Igen Staff and SearchCo interact?

There tends to be a fair bit of overlap between Staff and SearchCo, in the sense that at least one Igen Staffer is probably going to be on any particular SearchCo, though this may not always be the case. That being said, Igen Staff AS A WHOLE plays a limited role in Search: Igen Staff recruits SearchCo Leads, but after Leads are appointed, SearchCo governs itself.

One notable exception:

  • SearchCo must receive Igen Staff’s permission before offering a gold egg. Because gold eggs are a rarity on Harper's Tale and in canon, Igen staff will give SearchCo a set of guidelines for goldrider candidates before approving a gold egg in the clutch.
How does SearchCo decide who to Impress?

Around the time Candidate Questionnaires are released SearchCo will collect feedback on the Candidates from the area at large, the Candidate class and SearchCo itself. A @mail with instructions will be sent to every Igenite with each player (not alt) encouraged to contribute thoughts and comments on the Candidates. Candor is appreciated in this feedback process. If you've had a problem with or if you've really enjoyed a Candidate, please let SearchCo know. As with all other matters regarding Search, this feedback will be kept confidential.

SearchCo will review the feedback, consider any issues raised, conducting interviews as needed, make a final vote on how many Impressions they will make (based on bandwidth and feedback), then roll up their sleeves and start writing Inspirations!

How does a Search Cycle run?

At least two weeks prior to the Search window opening, SearchCo Leads will be chosen. Once they are selected, SearchCo Leads will set the start date and general end date. The following is the framework a Search typically follows:

  • Week -2: Igen Staff selects SearchCo Lead(s).
  • Week 0: Official open of Search! SearchCo Leads open up the call for SearchCo recruitment.
  • Week 1: SearchCo starts accepting Search applications to close at the end of the week.
  • Week 2: SearchCo reviews applications, encourages potential candidates to be out an RPing as a sort of prelude to official candidacy. IC Search begins halfway through the week.
  • Week 3: Search continues, Candidates continue to pour into the Weyr.
  • Week 4: Candidates Questionnaires go out, and are due by the end of the week. Voting opens and closes for the public. Insta-Candidate applications are released and Insta-Candidates are Searched.
  • Week 5: Inspiration writing, wheee! (Inspirations should be finished 48 hours prior to the Hatching date).
  • Week 6: Hatching!
Is that it?

Yep! Arriving at this point on the page, we've covered just about everything. If there’s anything you still have questions about, feel free to @mail *iws, or if Search is in progress @mail *igensearch.

— IGW SearchCo - Summer 2015 —


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