SearchCo Expectations

Welcome to SearchCo at Igen Weyr!

SearchCo at Igen is a unique experience, unlike that of any other MOO. If you have participated in Search prior to HT's Reboot (April 1, 2013) you'll notice a few differences. Our focus is RP, RP, RP! (With some cool dragon writing as the icing on the cake thrown in at the end.)

Application Information

Quick Check - answer yes or no to each question.
1. Are you active?
2. Do you like baby dragons?
3. Do you enjoy RPing?
4. Are you not planning to apply for search this cycle?
5. Do you love to write dragons?

Did you say yes to all of the above? Then we want you for SearchCo! Take some time to review the Search at Igen Weyr policies, then mosey on down below and fill out the application to apply for SearchCo!

Do you have questions above and beyond what is listed on the Search page? Contact your Search Leads via page or mail. Your Search Leads for this cycle are Kyara and K’vvan.

SearchCo Application

SearchCo Quick Overview

How is SearchCo different from Pre-Reboot?

  • SearchCo is a much more open group. Cliques are discouraged, and anyone who is active and interested is welcome!
  • Minimum activity = still active. We don't discriminate against anyone just because they “only” have the 3 scenes a month. This goes both for Co-members and potential Candidates. We've deemphasized the dragon and are instead focusing on RP. If people want a dragon, are active, engage with the area, and there are no serious behavior issues, there is no reason to deny someone a dragon.
  • SearchCo's purpose is RP, RP, RP. We strive to make the weeks of Search as fun as possible for everyone involved. Everyone is welcome!

Okay, but what does that mean for SearchCo?

  • SearchCo is a place where anyone who wants to be there can be there. SearchLeads are to actively make sure that it remains inclusive but also keeps confidentiality intact.
  • SearchCo is easier than it is in a lot of places. We vote a lot less and spend a lot more time RPing. Dragon writing is a labor of love to each of our Candidates, and we approach it as such.
  • The area at large is now involved in commenting on each of our Candidates! We welcome and value feedback from the area, the Candidates, as well as SearchCo members. This helps us to make sure that no one bias or viewpoint gets in the way of someone getting a dragon who really wants one!
  • Gold eggs… well, they're still gold eggs. Because of their rarity, gold Candidates will get more of a look than the typical Candidate. The application is more intensive, and interviews will happen. Gold cycles tend to be more intense than others, but the reward at the end can be even more than the typical cycle because of the impact it has on the area. (NOTE: Igen Summer 2015 will not have a gold egg.)

SearchCo Requirements & What We Do

  • All SearchCo members must be active as defined by [activity policy]. Three scenes a month, period.
  • Once on Co, it is expected that you interact with the Candidates. No one is asking that you set private TPs or character development aside, but Co members need to go out of their way to RP with the Candidates. As our dragons are a labor of love, it's important that Co members know the characters so that we can write dragons tailored to those characters.
  • There is no limit on the number of people on SearchCo. If you're active and interested, come on in! The more we have, the merrier.
  • Accept Insta-Candidates and treat them like the traditional Candidates. There is a cap of 15 PC Impressions, this being a mixture of Traditional and Insta Impressions.
  • Choose the egg and dragon themes, choose the number of eggs (NPC and PC) to be hatched, as well as the color distribution.

SearchLead Expectations

  • Staff appoints SearchLeads. After that, SearchCo governs itself. Staff will only step in if they see that the process of Search is moving away from the core idea - RP, RP, RP.
  • SearchLeads must be both ICly and OOCly active. There is quite a bit of background organization that goes into Search and most of that falls on SearchLead shoulders.
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